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Flying Club 1

Past Newsletters

2019 - Lucy Ooi, Editor
January 2019Tory Tippett got married. Misconceptions about flying #8 - GPS.
2018 - Lucy Ooi, Editor
December 2018New website showing LSA data. Upperville Airport. Tom Simmons' blog - Old Guy Diving
November 2018Fake flying videos. Tom Simmons says farewell. Sky Bryce.
October 2018Flight to Altoona, Horseshoe Curve, and the Allegheny Portage Railroad. Larry Walker thank you. Shannon Air Museum.
September 2018xkcd comic about borders. Misconceptions about flying #7 - air density. Oshkosh photos.
August 2018All about gyroplanes. What you need to know about ADS-B.
July 2018Tom Simmons, Pat Tyler, & Rob Doak move on. Tom Simmons' last flight. John Lewis & his airfield. Misconceptions about flying #6 - weight & balance 2.
June 2018Horse Feathers airport. Misconceptions about flying #5 - weight & balance 1.
May 2018Sun 'n Fun. How to measure the height of trees. Misconceptions about flying #4 - downwind turns.
April 2018Maker Faire. Misconceptions about flying #3 - overbanking.
March 2018John Williams. 66 airports - the Ambassador program. Wind speeds last year. Member map. Hangar availability. Misconceptions about flying #2 - stalls.
February 2018Could you land an airliner? French birdman flies with geese. Misconceptions about flying #1 - how a wing really produces lift.
January 20182017 volunteer awards. Dick Martin's ADS-B out solution. 2018 schedule.
2017 - Lucy Ooi, Editor
December 2017Flying the 3/4 Scale SE5A British Fighter. The Great American Eclipse.
November 2017Shenandoah Valley poker run. Lucy Ooi's travels in her Bellanca.
October 2017Kitty Hawk flight. South Carolina Breakfast Club.
September 2017Shenandoah Valley Airfields. Robert Meadows' 3/4-scale 1917 fighter.
August 2017Club 4 4th of July. Eyler Field. Harrison Field. Leaky Carbs. Trenton Flyers Candy Drop.
July 20172017 Poker Run. Tom Simmons' plans for circling the Statue of Liberty. Local airfield update.
June 2017The Dunning-Kruger Effect. Upcoming flight to Kitty Hawk. Funny tool descriptions. Greenville, SC flying.
May 2017Conrad Miller and Fox Acres. Bing carburetor float problem.
April 2017Tree cutting at Front Royal. Go/No-Go Decisions. Navigation as a way to touch the transcendent
March 2017Warm-winter flying. Air Force jams GPS. Are downwind turns really any different from upwind turns?
February 2017Instructor Dan Wroe on getting access to an airplane and learning to fly. Gliders in Germany's Fulda Gap, before the war and now.
January 2017Holiday party. Member map. Gross weight & LSA.
2016 - Lucy Ooi, Editor
December 2016Swastika in the trees. Aviation museum at Shannon. Color Run.
November 2016Building Air-Cams. Tom Richards and Naga Talluri fly to Alabama and back.
October 2016September meeting was at Shannon. Hummel Fly-in. Quiz time - which historic estate is it?
September 2016Tom Simmons flies around the Statute of Liberty. 1940 logbook found; airplane still flying.
August 2016Steve Beste & Peter Richter rebuild their trike. Frank Thompson's birthday. Abid Farooqui warns against a scam.
July 2016Poker Run. Lee Fox's Grand Tour of the US in his Mooney.
June 2016Luther Taylor, master machinist. Airpark History, aircraft incidents 2002 - 2016. Aeronautical charts online.
May 2016What happened to Gyrocopter guy and the aerostat. Airpark History, 2004-present. Angkor Wat by air.
April 2016Navigation aids in 1920. Airpark History, 1992-2004. Mountain wave turbulence.
March 2016Trike rebuild (1). Airpark History, 1963-1992. Field trip to Udvar-Hazy museum.
February 2016On things breaking. Airpark History, 1948-1962. No.VA Pilots' Town Hall.
January 2016Chuck Tippett honored. Jim Heidish retires. Airpark History, 1936-1948. Tree removal at the Airpark.
2015 - Lucy Ooi, Editor
December 2015Selection bias. Jim Hill solos! Airpark History, part 1: Overall timeline.
November 2015Three crashes.
October 2015Map vs. turn-by-turn navigation. Drive-in movies. Two-cycle engines & ethanol.
September 2015West Virginia trip. Jim Hill solos! Airpark area to avoid. Quiz time - Drive-in movie. What is civil twilight?
August 2015Danger Jet. Electronic log books. Carbon monoxide hazard.
July 2015Poker Run. Dick Walker memoriam. South African Helicopter Flight. Portable fuel containers.
June 2015Shannon airport. Plastic funnel ignites while refueling. Skyfaring: A Journey with a Pilot
May 2015Gyrocopter guy. Lucy Ooi flies to the Antique Airplane Association fly-in. Monty Betts' Aeronca Chief. Danger from small towers.
April 2015In praise of partnerships. Prepare your plane for spring flying. Map stuff: Antipodes; Island in a lake on an island in a lake on an island.
March 2015How low can you fly? Tom Simmons flies into Dulles. West Virginia adds aviation to recreational use law.
February 2015Trike tourism. Tom Richards flies to Birmingham & back. How to overlay Sectional data on Google satellite view.
January 2015Holiday Party & awards. Tall corn narrowed the runway; accident. Pyramid quiz answer.
2014 - Lucy Ooi, Editor
December 2014Manufacturer Allistair Wilson fixes Don Sheehan's Astra trike. Quiz: Pyramid. 2013 Color Run.
November 2014Color Run. AOPA fly-in.
October 2014Hummel fly-in. Middletown Aeronca fly-in.
September 2014Hangar homes. Tennis courts of Fauquier County. Pete Bastien, CFI.
August 2014Rich Ramos flies the Delaplane valley in his PPG. Lucy Ooi and the Somerset, PA, fly-in. Flight training: are we teaching what we should?
July 2014John Franklin's gyro. Poker Run! Lucy Ooi reaches home.
June 2014New Club 1 flyers. FPV drones. Track your flights on Google Maps. Electronic map. Lucy Ooi flies her Aeronca Champ to Arkansas.
May 2014Join the aviation advocacy organizations. Letter to the FAA. Check your safety directives! Culpeper Airport. PPG flying.
April 2014Snowy winter. HKS quits. Flight school says no. John Corradi flies T-6 & Mustang. Stafford Airport. Ravi the Aviator. Hackerspace.
March 2014Plans for a shared-ownership club. Cost-of-ownership spreadsheet. Gordonsville Airport. Lucy Ooi reaches Page, AZ, heading east.
February 2014Addicted to your GPS? Warrenton-Fauquier Airport. The obstacles to getting started with ultralight airplanes.
January 2014Jake Riley to Scaled Composites. Terri Sipantzi exits. Lee Fox arrives - his story. AWOS technology.
2013 - Lucy Ooi, Editor
December 2013Local AWOS phone numbers & frequencies. Proposal for a computer projector. Class D tower talk. Lucy Ooi flies Arizona.
November 2013Propeller fell off. Airpark work party. The impossible turn. Navigation by rainbow. Poker Run in the ADIZ.
October 2013Replace both or just one? - the Waddington effect. Airplane title cautionary tale. New fire extinguishers. J.D. Ingram.
September 2013Fly-by-wire Challenger. Agama PPG water rescue system. Rich Ramos, new PPG pilot. Local train tracks.
August 2013Gotta Fly 2013. Chart coverage while flying. AWOS deployment schedule.
July 2013Become A Pilot Day. Women-Can-Fly Day. Shreveport Fly-in. Fallen Oak Fly-in. Historic Spitfire film.
June 2013Lenn Bros. field. ADM (part5). Lucy Ooi reaches Arizona, heading east.
May 2013Wing fabric testing with a Bettsometer. ADM (part 4). Lucy Ooi flies her Aeronca Champ from California.
April 2013Virginia wind map. Frederick tower closing. Woodridge Airport (VG52). ADM (part3). Don & Melodee Sheehan fly the Nazca lines in Peru.
March 2013Fallen Oak B&B. Ultralighting in Peru. Aeronautical Decision Making (part 2).
February 2013FAA threatens to de-certify Virginia weight-shift DPEs. Aeronautical Decision Making (part 1). Lesson about cheap parts.
January 2013Lucy Ooi, newsletter editor. Flying into the FRZ and the isolated "DC3"airports.
2012 - Autumn Aceto, Editor
December 2012Tom Dymond's PPG crash. Tom Richards' new projects. 2012 Color Run finally run. No market for trikes $30K-$55K.
November 2012Bing carburetor mixture adjustment for winter. How to replace the tires.
October 2012The PPC vs. the radar in West Virginia.
September 2012Wounded Warrior Nick Vogt. Understanding lift.
August 2012Liability for passengers. Tower practice at Frederick.
July 2012Poker Run. Father's Day Fly-in. PPGs at Campbell Field
June 2012Games day pictures. Passports by luft-trike. Getting around Frederick Class D. Gyro lesson.
May 2012A ride in the skydivers' airplane; its flight path. Ian Coristine's book.
April 2012What will replace the Rotax 447 & 503?
March 2012Virginia shields airport owners from liability for recreational aviation.
February 2012Frederick going Class D. How to shoot down an ultralight. Harris airport for sale.
January 2012Flights to Gordonsville, Lake Anna, and Sky Bryce.
2011 - Autumn Aceto, Editor
December 2011Ian Coristine. Underwater mystery.
November 2011Visitor stats. PPG cross-country Pickles to the Airpark. Dick Martin transits the SFRA to Cambridge.
October 2011FAA proposes changes to the Dulles Class B airspace.
September 2011Latitude & longitude formats.
August 2011Propeller safety. Ground Observer Corps. Ultralights in law enforcement.
July 2011Parachute clinic. Dick Martin on LSA flying and his flight to Kitty Hawk.
June 2011The Dept. of Justice promotes light flyers. Gyroplanes.
May 2011Gordonsville Airport. Pat & Linda Tyler flying in South Texas
April 2011R&D. Invitation to test ADIZ security in November.
March 2011Getting retrieved when you land out. How hang glider pilots do it. SPOT GPS device.
February 2011Heated clothing. PPG-balloon collision. Dick Martin & Pete Bastien fly to Tangier Island.
January 2011Holiday Party. Jay Aceto story.
2010 - Autumn Aceto, Editor
December 2010Lake House. FAA re-registration plan.
November 2010Dick Martin's report of the Color Run, with pictures.
October 2010PPG weekend on the Shenandoah. Trikefest East.
September 2010Picking a field - lessons from hang glider pilots. PPGs with balloons. Flight planning over hazardous terrain.
August 2010FAA re-registration dates. Lloyd Peterson's flight to Campbell Field on the Eastern Shore.
July 2010Diversion to alternate. Father's Day Fly-In. Pat Tyler flies the Bay. Jay Aceto gets his license.
June 2010Sharing the Airpark with the sky divers. Memorial ceremony. Everytrail.com.
May 2010Corrosion and foreign matter in Bing carburetors.
April 2010Pat Tyler trike video. Cool PPG pictures by Keith Dowgewicz.
March 2010Gorgeous winter pictures of the Airpark. Larry Walker Cessna flight.
February 2010Denny Demeter article from 1996.
January 201022-year-old Jake Riley. Greg Palmer flies his 172 to Lancaster, PA.
2009 - Kim Alt, Editor
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October 2009PPGs in the mountains: Front Royal to Woodstock
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2008 - Kim Alt, Editor
December 2008Airlie
November 2008Trike crash
October 2008 
September 2008Loyd Peterson flies to Oshkosh again
August 2008 
July 2008Testing for alcohol in fuel
June 2008 
May 2008 
April 2008 
March 2008PPG Flying Circus, Francisco Grande, Arizona,
February 2008Flying the SR-71
January 2008 
2007 - Kim Alt, Editor
December 2007Trike & trailer shakedown trip
November 2007Loyd Peterson flies to Kolb homecoming in Kentucky
October 2007Safety Officer Dave Riedel's engine out forced landing
September 2007Loyd Peterson flies to Oshkosh
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2006 - Lew Clement, Editor
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2005 - Lew Clement, Editor
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