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Club 1 Member Steve Beste


Instructors are your gateway into the sport. One of your first moves should be to go purchase a demo lesson. Find out if that kind of flying is for you.

Powered Paragliders (PPGs)

Instructor Michael O'Daniel is based at the Warrenton Airpark, homebase for Flying Club 1. He has his own business to promote PPGs: Powered Paragliding USA. michael_o'daniel (34K)
Instructor Michael O'Daniel


  • Ron Dixon
    Amherst, VA
    Phone: 434-841-0074
    Email: BuffAir@outlook.com
    Website: www.buffair.com

Ron Dixon
Trike instructor Ron Dixon at his grass airpark in Amherst

Powered Parachutes (PPCs)

  • Frank Noe
    Phone: 443-253-7681
    Email: frankcanfly@yahoo.com
    Website: www.gyromojo.com

    Based in Frederick, MD, Frank is mainly a gyroplane instructor. But he loves PPCs, has one, and will add PPC instruction to his ticket if someone wants instruction.

Bob Snyder
Frank Noe and his PPC at Green Landings in West Virginia.
  • Jeff Jensen
    Phone: 434-841-2793
    Email: Jeff@thefrostypenguin.com

    Jeff Jensen teaches part time in Lynchburg.

Jeff Jensen with his PPC at a balloon festival
  • William Wallace
    Phone: 603-494-1607
    Email: ppc.cfi.instructor@gmail.com
    Website: poweredparachuteinstruction.com

    William teaches in Virginia Beach part of the year. He also trains in New Hampshire and Florida and will travel to train.

William Wallace at Sun 'N Fun, 2018


  • Frank Noe
    Phone: 443-253-7681
    Email: frankcanfly@yahoo.com
    Website: www.gyromojo.com

    Frank teaches out of the Frederick, MD, airport.

Bob Snyder
Frank Noe and his AutoGyro MTO gyro


There are many local instructors for Cessnas and Pipers, but no one in this area has an ultralight-type airplane, such as a Quicksilver in which to instruct you.

Kolb - a taildragger
A different specialty, also rare, is an instructor who has a taildragger, such as a Kolb. Nor does anyone rent those types of airplanes. Nor are there any flying clubs that you could join and fly a club-owned plane of these kinds. In the end, you will have to either:
  • Train in Florida, or
  • Train locally in a regular Light Sport Aircraft and get transition training later out of the area or locally in an aircraft you will have purchased.

For Light Sport Airplane training, our members have had a good experience with:

  • Helen Woods
    Chesapeake Sport Pilot, Stevensville, MD
    Phone: 410-604-1717
    Email: info@chesapeakesportpilot.com
    Website: chesapeakesportpilot.com

    Helen is the owner and manager of Chesapeake Sport Pilot. As you will see on their website, this is an active organization with many instructors and aircraft. They focus on the sport end of aviation, which makes them a good fit for out kind of flying. They're located just outside the Washington security zone, at Bay Bridge Airport at the eastern end of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge.

Helen Woods
Helen Woods