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Poker Runs

On a fine Saturday morning in June each we year, we do two Poker Runs - one at 6:30am for PPGs, and one at 7:30 for trikes and airplanes, followed by a cookout for all. Besides giving us an excuse to fly somewhere, the Poker Runs give us access to fields that are normally closed to us. Here's how it works:

  1. The organizer gets permission from the airfield owners. They're usually happy to play.
  2. The organizer flies the course the day before, setting out special boxes that contain sealed envelopes with playing cards.
  3. Pilots chip in $5 to play.
  4. When flying the course, pilots pick up one card at each field.
  5. The pilot with the best poker hand wins the pot.
  6. Everybody eats lunch.
Poker Run Box

PPG Poker Run

Click on pictures to enlarge

PPG Setup
Setting Up

Aloft at Dawn
Aloft at Dawn
Tharpe Mansion
Special Permission to Land Here

Airplane & Trike Poker Run

The airplane course takes about two hours to run. See the GPS track on this Everytrail.com trip to see details. It's from a trike.

Map showing the course in 2010
The Course in 2010

Click on pictures to enlarge

Two trikers heading out
Heading Out

The winning hand
The Winning Hand
Map showing the course in 2011
The Course in 2011
Map showing the course in 2012
The Course in 2012
Map showing the course in 2014
The Course in 2014
Map showing the course in 2015
The Course in 2015
Map showing the course in 2016
The Course in 2016
Map showing the course in 2017
The Course in 2017