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Club 1 Member Steve Beste

Woody Wood

Emory Wood - we all knew him as "Woody" - was an exceptionally energetic, cheerful, and enthusiastic member of Club 1. We knew and admired him in several different capacities - as a businessman, as a family man, and as a passionate devotee of ultralight aviation.

As a businessman, among other projects he had built up a successful antique furniture business. He had long had deep roots in the Warrenton area, and his business brought him into contact with a huge number of people throughout this region.

As a family man, he was bursting with pride about his family. He loved to talk about his kids, who grew up to be professionally and personally successful and happy in this area. And he couldn't hide his affection and admiration for his wife, Rosia, who supported him in his aviation hobby in spite of some personal misgivings.

As an ultralighter, Woody was irrepressible. He was equally intrigued by the mechanical and the aviation aspects of the sport. He built and mastered his powered parachute, then decided to move on to fixed-wing flying in partnership with several other members of the Club. Once he started, there was no holding him back. He did his dual flight instruction, studied the books and passed the FAA written exam, became certified, and handled all the requirements to have the plane numbered and approved by the FAA. He had a boundless appetite for new aviation knowledge and skills and constantly sought information and help from other members of the club. When something on the plane needed fixing he was on it instantly, analyzing the difficulty, finding the parts, and making the repair so the plane was better than new.

Woody is greatly missed by Club 1 as an enthusiastic ultralighter, a contributor to our work parties at the Airpark, and as a warm and generous friend.

Picture of Woody Wood