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Club 1 Member Steve Beste

Jim Frye

Despite the long way he had to drive from his home in West Virginia, Jim Frye was a regular at Club meetings and fly-ins. He was ready to volunteer to help whenever needed. He was selected - because of this willingness to always be there when needed - to be the Club Programs coordinator for presentations and events at our monthly meetings.

Jim worked hard at developing annual fly-ins in the Shenandoah Valley. Through his efforts, we were regular visitors to Front Royal airport and visited New Market several times. Jim would provide the chow and we would come.

Because of the distance many of the flyers in the Valley would have to travel to attend our events, he met with them on several occasions to examine the idea of establishing a new club in the Valley. He was very willing to do the extra work it would take but, unfortunately, not enough others were willing to help.

It didn't seem to matter what was going on within the Club, Jim was either there or on call to come just as soon as help was needed.

He was a quiet guy with a West Virginia drawl and a quick smile. He loved a good joke and was the source of many.

Jim was famous (or infamous?) for arriving at the Warrenton Air Park or the county airport in his plane and having to call his wife, Monica to come and pick him up. Either something on his plane stopped working or the weather turned contrary and would strand him here, miles from home. Monica always took this in stride but Jim never heard the end of these events from the rest of us.

Jim had many friends, likely many more than we ever knew. He will be missed wherever they are. Club 1 lost a strong supporter and an even better friend.

Picture of Jim Frye)